Josiah Levi’s song, “PR,” was released August 31st, 2019. PR is available now on Spotify and Apple Music, and all streaming platforms.

PR was inspired by Josiah Levi’s Cross Country team. After overwhelming support for his previous song “Just Fine“, he knew he had to show love to his team, so he made “PR”.

PR stands for “Personal Record” commonly used across running and time based sports.

PR’s release was confusing to a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the term, especially people outside of his school. There were so many inside jokes in the song about the cross country team, running at the track, and mentioning the coaches.

However, the song got a lot of attention from his team and surprisingly a bunch of other cross country teams in Northern California. Josiah and his XC friends ejoyed meeting new people from other teams at invitationals, occasionally mentioning that Josiah makes music. 

Something a lot of people don’t know about PR is that it incorporated a lot of freestyling as well. Josiah was literally messing around on the mic, writing down what he liked… and PR came to be. Josiah has been surprised how many people outside of Cross Country have also found the song relatable and fun.

If you’d like to listen to PR, it’s out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms by searching it up or clicking one of the links here:


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