Josiah Levi’s song “Light it” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Josiah was inspired to write “Light It” as he was thinking about his goals and plans. He wanted a song that conveyed his focus on his music career, as mentioned in his song lyrics, “staying focused for the long term, keep a straight mindset.” He wrote the song with his future goals as an artist in mind, as well as the steps he’s taking in the process to get there.

Josiah Levi talks about having what it takes, (“fuel to start a fire”) and using it to take off (“now I’m tryna light it”). He also speaks on how he wants to find his unique voice, which is needed for an artist to stand out in their music. The song has a determined & optimistic tone with a lot of energy within the lyrics and beat. Josiah hopes that his drive, focus, and determination will inspire others to work hard for their dreams.

If you’d like to listen to the song yourself, you can find it on all streaming platforms as “Light It” by Josiah Levi or you can click one of the links here:


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