Josiah Levi’s latest music video “Flip That” is out now on Youtube!! The audio can be found on all streaming services, as well as SoundCloud.

“Flip That” was inspired by the wild friend group Josiah has, that’s always going out and always up to something. This energetic song is a fun, careless song, showing Josiah’s creativity with his indistinguishable accent in between verses, and personality within the music video.

Josiah Levi filmed the music video while he was visiting Washington, with the help of his mom who filmed, and his cousins Hannah and Bayus. They Filmed at the Tacoma Glass Museum outside, for the unique glass structures and cool scenery. It was raining and freezing cold, and Josiah was in short sleeves, so filming wasn’t as smooth as they would’ve liked but they still had an absolutely great time.

Josiah released the music video on January 1st, 2020 to start the year positive and with plenty of energy. His fanbase reacted with overwhelmingly positive feedback, and several people in the Bay Area were sharing “Flip That” to their stories, and have noticed him improving.

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