Josiah Levi’s latest music video for “Digging Inside” is now officially released and the song is available now on all streaming services!

“Digging Inside” was written thinking about how often Josiah overanalyzes and overthinks everything he has done. He tends to dwell on mistakes he’s made, the people he’s effecting around him, and his music career. He knows he has no reason to be overthinking, but still continues to do it.

The title “Digging Inside” symbolizes what he does when he dwells on his inner thoughts. He keeps digging into them, bringing up unnecessary thoughts as he digs deeper and deeper into his head. He always puts himself in this loop, and used to let it get the best of him and cause massive amounts of stress, but Josiah has gotten better at dealing with it.

The song was released on July 23rd, 2020. You can watch the official music video for it on his official channel here:

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Digging Inside

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