Probably my favorite song so far, “YUM” is officially released!

I was inspired to make this when I heard the popular TikTok meme “Mi Pan Su Su Sum” and thought to myself, “This is kinda fire, imagine if I made a beat out of this.” My friends and I thought it was a cool idea and laughed a little. When I got the chance I sliced the beat and threw some drums on, wrote and recorded some vocals, and got HYPED.

I hit up Elijah (@Elijah_law__ on instagram) to help out and give me some tips for mixing, and with his advice I was able to make the mix as nice as it was. Shout out to him.

The song was released on December 22nd, 2020. You can listen to it on Youtube, Soundcloud, and all other streaming platforms!

Click Here to check it out!

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